The Katie At The Bat Team was founded in 2006 by lifelong athlete Lisa S. Hoffstein to provide enriching athletic opportunities to girls in underserved communities of Philadelphia. Sports programs were accompanied by a multi-faceted curriculum designed to have a lasting positive impact on the life trajectory of participants. With a belief that valuable life lessons can be gained through participation in sports and that all girls have a right to those benefits, Katie At The Bat continues to provide programs to girls throughout Philadelphia.

The Book

Katie At The Bat, an illustrated children’s book written by Lisa S. Hoffstein, served as a catalyst in the formation of The Katie At The Bat Team. The re-write of Ernest Lawrence Thayer’s classic Casey at the Bat, with its strong message of belief in yourself, is used in the KATB curriculum that focuses on self-esteem, positive thinking and hard work. It was beautifully illustrated by young talented artists from the Philadelphia Schools.